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The books that changed my life _so far

People, you can get lost in the web as much as you like, but there are some answers that only books will give you, and some doors to your brain that will open only if you sit down and read. So, today Ι have decided to share with you the five books that molded me into what and who I am today. Get them as gifts, read them, keep on to them for later but please do not ignore them:

  1. The Catcher in the Rye, by J. D. Salinger

Even though it was published in 1951, whenever you read it, it feels contemporary. It fell in my hands when I was searching for myself and it really couldn’t be a better description about what it feels like to be growing up, with all the agony and craziness you think only you are wrapped up in.

  1. One hundred years of solitude

The fairy tale to end all fairy tales. Gabriel Garcia Márquez is the only writer, I believe, who can create worlds that you never knew existed, only to help you realize he is talking about you, your own life, and the story of all humanity. A real brain opener, guys.

  1. Living, Loving and Learning, by Leo Buscaglia

If you need real life lessons on what is important in this life, this is the book that has all the answers (at least it did for me!) A big plus, the different essays in this edition are all really fun to read. You won’t stop smiling for a long time.

  1. Siddharta

This book came onto my lap when I started questioning religion. The great German author Hermann Hesse, with just one book, made me realize we are all so very much connected that the journey to spirituality belongs to each and every one and all of us together, at the same time.

  1. In Search Of Lost Time, Marcel Proust

Growing up can also be about art, philosophy, society, falling in love, finding meaning and the value of time. This is the book that made me realize that no matter how meaningless life can seem, sometimes, someone once looked at it through a philosophic lens, only to help us (well, me, for sure) see how precious it really is.


These are my all-time favorites, the books I always keep on my shelves. What are yours, and how did they shape your personality? Let me know!

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