35 Hours in Munich

Thursday night…

Home alone after a crazy day. Body and mind screaming “battery low” and a blackout is around the corner. Immediate call to my hero aka boyfriend who is abroad for business. “Hello?” “Baby I want to change scenery. I want to charge my batteries. And I want to feel the winter, be in sync with the weather, the world..”. Friday afternoon and I am off to Munich!! The flight from Athens is only 2 hours long – the perfect time to wrap up the week and arrange logistics.

Friday night

I arrive at the Mandarin Oriental, in the heart of the old town. As soon as I enter I feel like home – the people welcome me with enthusiasm, the ambiance is great, the room warm… As I am still by myself I go for a walk around the old town. I get captivated by the Frauenkirche, a church located in the center of Frauenplatz that serves as the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. It is a landmark that is considered a symbol of the Bavarian capital city – worth visiting!

Late night walks call for late dinners. I had forgotten that Northern European cities are not that active at night so I end up at this tiny burger placed, Cosmos. To my surprise, I have one the best burgers I have ever tasted!



Morning: If short on time when visiting Munich, make time to see Marienplatz and focus on four aspects: New Town Hall, Old Town Hall, the Column of St. Mary and – my favorite part – the Glockenspiel, a clock tower that houses motorized figurines. It is the liveliest area of the city, easily accessible by public transportation and you will know very rapidly when you have reached it. There are restaurants, shopping centers, boutiques, souvenir shops, bars, churches but mostly PEOPLE. Thousands of people! It is lively and the only moment it gets quieter is when everyone is staring at the clock (on the hour, flat).

Lunch: Our long walk leads us to Brenner, a beautiful restaurant located off Maximilianstraße (beautiful central avenue with high-end stores). The ambiance is great and lunch delicious! Try the grilled dishes and Bavarian specialties – wow I think of them and my mouth gets watery!

Afternoon: After lunch, we return to Marienplatz to see the Glockenspiel (It just sounded so darn charming). Every day at 11 a.m., 12 p.m., and 5 p.m. (the 5 p.m. performance doesn’t occur from November through February) a performance of motorized figurines dance, joust, and twirl around the inside of the tower. The performance lasts 12 minutes and ends with the chirp of a cuckoo bird coming out over the display.

Self-love: Back to the hotel and pampering time at the spa of Mandarin. Super cute and professional staff, peaceful ambiance and Elena! A god-brought face specialist from Russia who scans my face within the first 5 seconds and knows exactly what to do! I have a hydration and cleansing treatment combination, followed by an antioxidant mask and a bombing serum. I. Am. Glowing!

Dinner: Zum Dürnbräu. A Bavarian restaurant & beer hall of a Medieval brewery, with wood-paneled walls & classic dishes. Hidden away and not really a tourist trap with a mix of locals, Germans visiting, foreign tourists. The old and the young. Perfect.

Drinks: Our day ends at The Bar31, located at the ground hall of our hotel. Great Asian-inspired, international and classic cocktails and super quick service but guys… that ambiance! It is elegantly designed and decorated as if you are at a chalet in the mountains. Crystals coming down the walls, mountain views, and snow all around the place. Seriously, the decoration makes it a must when in Munich!



Early wake-up, coffee to go, airport chaos and… home sweet home! Batteries charged and ready to ass kick the week ahead. Questions and recommendations are always welcome my ladies!


Pardon me for that swollen face but when i have a good, satisfying night sleep I wake up like a “swollen  Chinese” – as my best friend calls me!!

Big Kiss