Pack it up!

Essentials for a day on the go


I am a freelancer.

I have a huge amount of energy.

I live in a big city so, once I leave my house there is no turning back.

Since I am a control freak, I ‘ve come up with my essentials for a day on the go. Trust me; gathering and placing them in your bag will take a maximum of 20 minutes of your life. Can you compare 20 minutes to one thousand headbanging moments??  AHA! Then read my list and make it a priority on your To Dos for tomorrow.

  • Band-Aid: Not just for cuts and scrapes, the Band-Aids will save your heels from painful shoes.
  • Hair Brush: You just don’t want to look like the jungle boy!
  • Safety Pins: Lifesaver if you pop a button or a seam.
  • Extra jewelry (earrings, a necklace): Last minute drink plans, or bumping on an uber cool street event calls for an elegant touch.
  • USB flash drive: Back up documents anytime without having annoying conversations about exchanging emails blah blah
  • Wallet/Cardholder: Better say goodbye to your money than having it and your cards lose in your bag.
  • Snacks: Running around non-stop without having extra time for a lunch break is super normal. Have a filling snack to keep you satisfied while on the go. I personally carry a bag of nuts and numerous energy balls.
  • Water: Hydrate people! There are times when I forget to drink water because I don’t carry a bottle with me. You don’t want to know about the irritation it causes…
  • Battery case or Portable cell phone charger: Loose cables and missed texts, emails and calls… Ugh, what a nightmare!
  • Stain-eraser pen: Not only will this save you from going through the day with a coffee stain on your shirt, it may also help a friend or a colleague who’ll be forever grateful!
  • Hand moisturizer & sanitizer: I swear by my hand cream. It always gives a soft texture and even by applying a small amount, you’ll feel uber refreshed and clean.
  • Small pouches: Believe me, they are life saviors! Every purse needs at least three of these: one for beauty supplies, one for tech equipment (chargers, USB etc) and one for everything else (e.g. snacks, pins etc)
  • Tissues: You never want to be without one of these if you feel a sneeze coming on, or the sauce of the sandwich you are having while walking or driving has made you look like a clown.
  • Breath freshener/gum: Bad breath is a turnoff!
  • Painkillers: You just don’t want to keep running around when your headache is bigger than the Eifel Tower or your menstrual cramps are having a party.
  • Hair elastics / Bobby pins: A small addition makes a huge change in your look.


Let me know if you have any cool additions to my list – I’d love to read about them!


Big kiss



Credits: Leather tote by Callista Crafts