Sexy Winter waves

The best DIY hairdo!

Yes, it’s cold. So? Go ahead, embrace the beach wave, girl. Why should those sexy, tousled and voluminously textured waves be limited to just three short summer months? Why should you have to let go of your all-time favorite look just because of the weather? Well, your awesomeness, you don’t have to! Just think of those Victoria’s Secret angels, do they mind it’s snowing outside when they show up dressed like snowflakes with their hair in perfect summer roughness? No, thank you very much. Gisele, Gigi and then some also keep their waves up and high after work, over their thick sweaters. Surfer girls don’t just vanish during the cold months, come on! Lucky you, this look loves you and your hair even if it is not long or blonde. But, first things first, you need to adjust to the climate (cold, humidity, static etc.) so you can help your hair break the wave.

  1. Water, please: Take care of your tousles by giving them extra love, i.e. hydration. The more you give them, the finer the outcome of your style, with less fringing (hatred). Feed them right with shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, let them dry naturally and pamper them with a bit of oil if they tend to break easily.
  1. Wrap it in a bun: The best and most natural way to create these rough waves is to sleep with your locks wrapped up in a bun. Well, not one but plenty. Use bobby pins to twist and hold down small strands of wet hair. Sleep on it and by morning, hello lover!
  1. Sea Salt Spray: Ok, it’s too cold to dive into the sea. So bring the sea to your house by using special salted water sprays that give hair the perfect «break».
  1. Ironwoman: The best way to go is to use a good hair iron and twist each curl around it until you get a perfect head of curls. Don’t have one? No problem. Back to those Victoria’s Secret girls and their…well… secrets. You know what the hair people backstage do to create perfect beach hair? They spray each strand of hair before wrapping it around two fingers, dry with a blow dryer at medium speed and then they use a bobby pin to keep the curls intact for about an hour and, there you go!
  1. Keep it real: The masterpiece you just created needs to last for a few of days, no matter what you put yourself and your hair up to. So, after you are done styling your locks, give it a good go with some good ol’ fashioned hairspray. Like it or not, it will have you up and ready when the phone rings!

Lets be honest, that “je m’en fous” attitude needs some “fous” after all!


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