Splish splash!!!

Learn how to really indulge in the luxury of a good bath

«It’s a miracle how we don’t just dissolve like a sugar cube, in our bathtubes» Picasso once said. Today, in a world running at 4G speed, our tub can become a little slice of heaven. An everyday luxury that has nothing to do with washing up, taking a quick shower, getting ready for the day. The more you neglect your tub, the more you deprive your body of the chance to relax, let go of a tough day, a ritual to free your mind and rejuvenate your soul. Candles, essential oils, steam, and your very own, personal refuge is set! Turn off your cell, close the door to everyone and everything and spend some alone time. Go on, you deserve it.

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Full steam ahead

While you are relaxing, thinking about that text you just received from bae, the good stuff you use offers you rich, oil enhanced formulas to pamper you like there is no tomorrow.

Get natural

Your skin already has all the necessary oils it needs. Showers usually deprive the body of these nutrients, washing them away. Taking a bath, instead of a shower, we can use these oils to our benefit, by adding them to the water: Argan oil, sunflower or coconut oil, nourish your skin with vitamins, good fatty acids that feed your cells, helping them regrow and, at the same time, give your skin the proper moisture, leaving it silky smooth.

Detox Bath?

Can a bath help you drive away toxins? Yes, if we are talking about the ones clogging up your skin pores. Detoxing is a really important process for your skin, and the elements that really get the job done right are:

Argil: famous for its absorption powers, it also helps rejuvenation. Some argils also contain selenium that reduces inflammations.

Coconut oil: antioxidant, relaxing, super moisturizing, be careful because this baby has it all to the max!

Epsom salts: Magnesium and sulfate are easily absorbed by the skin, giving you energized muscle and nervous system function and better absorption of nutrients. A bath with Epsom Salts is the best way to release tension and help your muscles relax after an intense workout.



  • According to specialists, an increase of body temperature that occurs while we are in the tub helps improve our blood circulation, calm down our nervous system, detoxify our body and release those fantastic endorphins. No wonder why, after a long hot bath, you feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders.
  • Never neglect drinking water before and after your bath. If you do not hydrate enough, actually you have done nothing!