Strong hair in a bottle

You got yourself a new haircut and you’re feeling great. Well, sorry to say so but, according to the experts, if your hair isn’t hydrated, you’ve only come halfway. The hottest trend to hit your bathroom shelves these last few years are hair oils, products that not only hydrate the hair but also pamper your skin, protecting it from the cold, feeding it with good nutrients and rejuvenating new hair process. Argan oil, almond oil, coconut, sesame, combined with essential oils, vitamins and UV protectors create an armor against water, low temperatures, sun rays, well…you know, everything.

Use it!

  • Before washing your hair, apply some oil to give it nourishment. A good idea is to wrap your head in a towel and just sleep on it. The next morning will find you with a whole new look!
  • Before blow-drying: If you want your hair to have that silky feel, just add some drops of oil before you style it, but make sure to stay away from your roots, or you will have a flat and greasy result.
  • Right after styling: Before you leave your house, that is. Freshen up your look by rubbing the ends of your hair with just a drop of oil.
  • Anytime! Sure, if it’s good for you, it’s good whenever you remember to apply some! Just keep a small bottle in your bag and whenever you feel like it, just give it a go!



Moroccan Oil Treatment: Hairstylists swear by this secret weapon. Packed with argan oil, it is absorbed straight away and it’s suitable for all hair types!




L’Oreal Professionnel, Mythic Oil: This alchemy of avocado oil and grape stone oil truly offers you a mythic look. One drop is enough to give you that silky smooth feel of your dreams. 



Kerastase, Elixir Ultime: Four precious oils nourish the hair, creating a shield against the high temperatures of styling, offering volume, anti-frizz action and an impressive aroma you can never get enough of. 




Korres, Pure Greek Olive 3 in 1: Velvety, rich, free from silicones and packed in pure olive oil. Enhanced with a C, E, and F vitamin complex, together with omega 6 fatty acids, it is suitable for all ages, skin and hair types.




Apivita, Nature’s Hair Miracle nourishing oil: Completely natural, enhanced with essential oils and rich natural oils, it will give your hair a healthy and perfect glow. This is a little miracle of nature that stimulates blood circulation to help new follicles, and it’s packed with essential oils like lavender, lemon, cumin, black pepper, and rosemary.


Plus: Phyto, Phytoelixir Subtle Oil Intense Nutrition: Shiny hair with just one application! Rich in vitamins (A, E) and minerals, ultra-nourishing egg yolk oil is combined with corn germ and karanja oils for long-lasting protection from external aggressors while restoring the hair fiber. Camellia oil intensely hydrates and softens resulting in healthier, silkier hair. The intense nutrition oil weightlessly repairs dry and ultra dry hair while illuminating it with incredible shine.

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