My concealer does WHAT???

5 (new) things to do with your concealer

Yes, it covers up dark circles, it can erase imperfections, become your right-hand man when you need a camouflage on the spot. But aren’t you giving it just a little less credit than it deserves? Here is what your new (once you are done reading this, that is) best friend can do for you:

  1. It’s a lipstick Primer

Remember when you bought that lipstick you fell in love with, just because it had the perfect shade of red? Yes. Remember what happened when you tried it on, in front of the mirror? A big NO. The brand behind the lipstick is not really to blame, the guilty party is your own lips and their pigmentation that can easily alter the color you apply on them. If you want the color you see on the box, all you got to do is apply some of that light shaded concealer you have been stocking up on and… tada!!!!!

  1. Find your Foundation

Your boyfriend swept you off your feet and took you on a surprise weekend getaway? Great! But you forgot to pack your foundation, didn’t you? No prob. Just use your day cream and mix in some of your liquid concealer and you got yourself the perfect bb cream! Need more cover? Add more concealer. Need a lighter «product»? Add less concealer, you cosmetologist you!

  1. Lash out on lashes!

You know those mascaras that promise you a world of enormous and seductive lashes? Yes, they sometimes don’t deliver the goods. If you want your own, instant gaze-fixer, just use some liquid concealer on a little makeup brush and spread on your lashes, right before you apply your mascara. Kristen Stewart, be afraid, be very afraid!

  1. Baby got cheekbones

You don’t need to buy the whole contouring palette owned by the Kardashians to create the perfect «cuts» they have made famous (amongst other things…) Just apply a dark shade concealer right under your cheekbones, frame it with two lines of a concealer in a lighter tone (one above and one below the dark line) and you got yourself a magic wand.

  1. Photoshop skin

You have seen them but still don’t know what they do, right? Green concealers are the perfect camouflage (they aren’t green for no reason *chuckle) for pale skins that usually become the battleground (how you like that pun? Ok ok I’ll stop) for small red marks and imperfections. Just add a small amount of green magic on the spot and then cover up with your regular product. Sudden, date-night pimple? Now you see it, now you don’t! But don’t think that your green pal can’t work its wonders in other areas. If you stayed up all night working on «that – new – project» and you wake up with red, puffy eyes, just smudge in some green concealer before your normal one and ten hours of sleep have instantly placed themselves on your face!


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