Text me, baby!

What your texting habits reveal about your relationship

Texting is the new breathing. Seriously people – what the f? I mean, being a teen who just got her mobile phone and is constantly texting is completely ok. We. Are. More. Than. That. I just can’t stand people who text for no reason just to type those letters. If you want to say something just call and say it. By the way, I already have and will definitely continue to foolishly spend hours of my life texting. This intro was partly written as a reminder to my self. Anyways. Interestingly enough, a recent study revealed the role of attachment in the associations between texting and romantic relationship satisfaction. The results showed that there are 3 types of texting attachment styles:

  1. Secure
  2. Insecure
  3. Avoidant

Before labeling each of your friends (duh I know you’ll do it!) let’s picture that you are away on a “girls only” weekend.

Picture it…

Yes please, don’t be distracted


SECURE boyfriends – I want one, please!

So you are having your coffee and bitching out. Your girlfriends’ phones are on fire because their boyfriends are constantly texting them. You just have one text from bae asking if you are having fun and sending you a kiss. He is in very good terms with himself, knows what he wants from your relationship and understands your needs. He texts because at that time it is the easiest and most convenient way to reach you. As simple as that.

INSECURE boyfriends– Show him your love!!

Build your fantasy again, please. Yep, the morning gossip coffee, please. Ok so now your phone won’t stop ringing – and voila! 20 texts from babe. Ok, don’t be mad at him. He is just insecure and has this fear of abandonment. Quite simply he is feeling insecure you just need to show him some more love. Cutie pie, no?

AVOIDANCE boyfriends – Boys will be boys!

Again. Morning gossip coffee. The difference is that now he won’t stop texting on irrelevant stuff for no reason. He just wants to get the most out of you so that he beats that distance and feels in control even though he is away. Silly right? Unlucky us, that’s how most men behave.

Before saying adios, I wanted to share that I personally believe that each individual is so amazingly different, that no study could give a result that can be applied universally. I just found it a cool and pioneering study and thought you might enjoy it (Oh. You could use it as a dinner conversation too – just to reveal the scientist you have inside you girl – I’ll def do it!)

Big kiss,




P.S. I’m dying to know in the comments your texting habits/personality correlation. Apparently, I am more extroverted

Further reading, http://www.cosmopolitan.com/health-fitness/a56750/texting-personality/