You had a bad day…

Make it all go away

You had a bad day. A horrible one. Anything that could turn bad, well, really did. And now it is all behind you…or maybe not? As you are about to walk into your sacred zone, your house, you still feel that incredible weight on your shoulders, that knot in your heart, that sting in your throat.


Take a deep breath and repeat after me:

  • Before walking into your sanctuary, make an important decision: the bad part of the day ends here. Acknowledge it, respect the lessons it holds _even if you cannot see them, yet_ and just push restart. Even if it is late at night.
  • Remember those bad days are part of the plan! Tomorrow will be better, no matter what. Take a mental note to appreciate your life, when things start looking up, ok?
  • Check your shoulders. They are stiff and a little close to your head, instead of relaxed. You know why? You were trying to guard yourself and, without even knowing it, your body started taking part in the negative list of the day.
  • Take ten deep breaths, in and out, in and out, bringing in as much oxygen as possible through your nostrils and letting the air go with a strong release through your mouth. You might get a little dizzy but that’s just because of all the oxygen that came to the rescue.
  • If your head is still full of negative voices, take out a notebook and put every bad thought down. What made this day such a crappy one, why you felt like you did. Put it away, together with your thoughts.
  • Switch off for a while. Play some nice music. Take a long bath or just have a nice facial. Just by looking after yourself, even if no one else did on that day, will fill you up with love.

And self-love is the most underestimated kind. Start today and change one sh1tty day into an opportunity to take care of yourself.

Tomorrow you will be on your feet again. Cause that’s why you are awesome!!!