Attention, please!

Learn how to really listen

The times where I thought I was listening but actually listened to only a 10% of what someone was telling me are numerous. In fact, active listening and mindfulness (a subject ill def share with you guys) are my top resolutions for this year. Therefore, I’ve been trying to actually listen when talking with someone, or watching an interview etc. and I can see that the game gets real. The information input when actually listening is so to the point. You listen to most (if not all), you process it, you keep what you want and da-ra! Less effort (once it becomes automatic), more result. As simple as that.

While researching and asking opinions about active listening, I tried applying what people’s suggestions to my listening efforts. Check out what I learned and if you ever suffered from that Madame Shoushou syndrome, use it and “Shoushou” will disappear. Yes, Madame, it will.

Active listening is NOT:

  • Thinking about what you’ll do next
  • Giving feedback and advice right after or, even worse, while someone is still talking to you
  • Judging them
  • Thinking about how you would respond to any question that might arise

Active listening IS:

  • Being fully present
  • Focusing attention
  • Seeking to understand what the person talking is really saying
  • See it in pictures


Are u a common “huh?”, “Can you repeat?” type of person? If yes, read the article once again and let me know if it helped!


Big Kiss