Hair she comes!

Protect your hair from the cold 

It’s the first day of spring and the sun is at our doorstep. However, it is still cold out. Sudden changes between the cold and humidity of open spaces and the dry and warm environment behind closed doors do not only affect your skin but also your hair. Not to worry, though, specially designed hair masks are here to make it all better!

So, what happens to my hair in the cold?

Healthy hair has closed hair cuticles. Factors as dry and cold air can cause hair damage and change the cuticle’s surface. As a result, your hair cannot lock in the humidity it needs to feed on, resulting in dryness. Dehydrated hair leaves its core exposed and vulnerable, without glow and shine.

The antidote: masks, masks, masks 

Truth be told, every time we apply a hair mask it’s like feeding our hair with a complete and nutritious meal. But not just any hair mask will do the trick. Make sure you feed your hair with the proper nutrients it needs to find the hydration that will solve your problems. Yes, hydration is key, people!

Ok, so what does a mask offer me? 

Intense dehydration during the cold months sucks out the life from your hair…a deep hydrating mask contains everything winter has taken away from it. Choose hydrating combinations that contain keratin or natural oils. Keratin replaces any damage caused and oils balance out the humidity, all the while offering great shine and glow.

Make your mask work overtime

Make sure you apply your mask in a warm environment as this has been proven to help nutrients find their way into the hair. To further enhance the power of your mask, wrap your hair in a thin membrane or a warm towel, leaving the product on for as long as required. If you want to, you can even offer some heat to your hair with a blow dryer.


Extra info:

  • Never go out in the cold with wet hair, not because your mom tells you but because low temperatures combined with the water in your hair will make it harsh and fragile.
  • Leave the mask on for 8-10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Apply avoiding the roots of your hair.
  • During the colder months of the year, try to let your hair dry naturally before using a blow dryer. When you turn it on, however, make sure it stays in medium heat.
  • You don’t have to wash your hair every day. Especially when it is cold, your hair really needs the natural oils that occur when you don’t wash frequently, since they act as a shield against the cold.
  • Winter is not the best time for clarifying shampoos. Sure, they can rid our hair of any elements left from styling products, but at the same time, they take away the protective oils the hair needs, leaving it exposed to climate challenges.


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L’Oreal Professionnel, Serie Expert Lipidium Absolut Repair

Korres, Pure Greek Olive Nourishing Hair Mask

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