Natural talent

An interview with Mr. George Korres

Korres is probably the best success story to come out of Greece in the past decades. George Korres started working at Greece’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy while he was still a pharmacy student at the University of Athens. In 1992 he managed to buy the pharmacy and within the next five years, he set-up a homeopathic-remedy- production lab. In 1996, having researched and tested natural ingredients and their application in over 3,000 herbal remedies, he created Korres Natural Products. His vision to develop safe, clinically effective, and affordable natural skincare products of interesting design, found its place all over the world. While there is a Korres store almost everywhere, from Greece to France and from Canada to Japan, Mr. Korres is dedicated to cooperating with local communities, agricultural unions, and organic farmers.


 What is your one personality trait that has always moved you forward?

The feeling of being responsible for the total, not for the partial.

As a child, what did you want to achieve in your life?

I cannot remember anything special, nor any big goal! I just wanted to do the best I could with what lay in front of me.

What did you do with the first money you ever made?

I used it to invest in my work.

At what stage of your career so far, have you been really afraid?

I don’t think issues concerning my work have been able to cause me real fear.

When did you feel like “I did it!”


Pharmacist or businessman?


How do you keep your core intact, as your business grows?

Our core is the quality of the people that are close to us, and as you can understand, to give the opportunity and the conditions for these people to develop is the prerequisite.

Which of the international markets you have been to with Korres is the most special?

That of Norway.

What is, to date, your ultimate best-selling product, far from all the rest?

Wild Rose.

What is the one little favorite habit you have that makes you happy?

Playing chess on the Internet. Because when I play with my son I get beaten up!

What is your motto?

To quote John Lennon, “Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end ”

Who do you admire?

Many personalities that have influenced the evolution of humanity in all different areas of life. I manically read biographies.