The scent agenda 

 How to choose the perfect perfume that will match

your own unique style and personality

They are frequently described as works of art…but, really, what kind of art makes passers-by turn their heads? Our reactions to a scent are deeply personal and intertwined with basic facts: Fruit and vanilla notes, for example, stimulate childhood memories, old loves, or perfumes we wore when we were much younger. The aromatic print you leave creates a totally new aspect of your personality, so choosing the right one according to our character is of utmost importance. This is the aromatic seal of our personality, so it is important to choose it according to our style and our skin.

Skin to skin

Do not wonder why the same perfume smells different on you than your friend. This is due to skin chemistry and factors such as ph, nutrition or even a medication you might be taking.

  • The oilier the skin, the easier it can absorb the fragrance and so it lasts longer.
  • If the skin is dry, the fragrance will likely only last longer if it is often hydrated. It is important to remember that the warmer the body temperature, the faster the perfume will evaporate.That’s why in the summer we choose spritzers that we refresh several times throughout the day.
  • Skin is an organ that has everything secreted from its pores. If you have had spicy foods, some of their compounds will come out from the skin and alter the smell of your fragrance.

Style factor

Elegant and classy: The sophisticated style that exudes a feminine and at the same time sophisticated style is sealed with intense notes. A stylish look is important to be accompanied by the right aromatic elixir. We select characteristic fragrances that create a strong presence in a room and are most likely to be imprinted in people’s memories for a long time. With the notes of flowers blending with spices and wood, scents that co-compete leaving an enigmatic aura are those that often make up the aromatic alchemy of a new love.

Your perfume: Jean Paul Gaultier, Scandal. Notes include blood orange, grapefruit, gardenia, honey and patchouli. Prada, Prada Candy Sugar Pop, with delicate notes of peach and vanilla that mingle with airy apple, mahonia and shiny top notes of vert de bergamot and green citrus.

Sports loverThe trendy spirit of relaxed everyday appearances with oversized sweaters, sneakers or jeans, and a white T-Shirt is dressed in cool notes such as citrus, lemon and orange blossoms, fruits and light green leaf notes.

Your perfume: Acqua di Parma, Colonia with lavender, rosemary, Sicilian citrus, Bulgarian rose, and light musk.

ClassicThose who do not let themselves get carried away by seasonal trends and remain faithful to a classic style, know their scent desn’t also have to be a classic. A slim and distinctive fragrance fits perfectly with a classic silk scarf and jacket. Essences with flowers such as roses, gardenias and also powder-like notes are the ideal choice to seal the identity of this style.

Your perfume: Hermes, Twilly d’Hermes with notes of ginger, tuberose, and sandalwood.

AndrogynousBlazers, checked shirts, oversized sweaters, pale skin: The nineties are back in full force. Unisex perfumes have the power to accent your personality rather than your femininity. Amber, smoke, vetiver, wood, and spices that traditionally mark men’s fragrances now constitute the latest female trend and seal the dynamic identity of the modern woman.

Your perfume: Jo Malone, English Oak & Hazelnut with green hazelnut, cedar, vetiver, amber and roasted oak.

Rockn roll: A wild look with leather trousers and a T-Shirt or biker jacket and jeans that exudes a “tougher” attitude would not match a soft fragrance with intense floral notes. On the contrary, it would be ideal to have equal doses of sensuality, boldness, and carefreeness (aka Kate Moss in a bottle). Aromatic compositions that emit mystery and lift your adrenaline are the ideal choice. The fragrances of this category contain notes of vanilla, musk, and wood.

Your perfume: Cacharel, Yes I am with notes of raspberry, jasmine, and amber. The base rests on a so-called “Spicy Cremoso” accord made up of a warm milk note, cardamom, and sandalwood.

Did you know…

According to research conducted by the sociologist-psychologist Dr. Joachim Mensing, extroverts prefer fresh, green perfumes that stimulate the mood. Introverts choose eastern perfumes while dreamers are prone to flower or powder scents.

So, what are YOU?