Don’t get wasted!

Hangover Prevention (Yes baby, it exists) 

Friday am – you receive a text with tonight’s plan. Your hectic day passes by your eyes, once more. You are in! The night comes. Empty stomach, stress levels above and beyond, tiredness bangs your head around. And then… HELLO ALCOHOL. You wake up on Saturday, shitfaced from the night before. Your body aches, your head is about to break and your stomach is hosting a tornado. The day is burnt on your sofa. Oh! If you are the active type you might arrange a greasy brunch that will lead you straight back to the sofa. And the rest is history…

Nightmare no? I knooow. Being hungover is the worse. Prevention is the key, my dear. Therefore, I researched on savior tips and have been through a quite prolonged process. I combined everything and created my SURVIVOR FORMULA. It’s a formula based on my trial/error process and Jeffrey Wiese, an assistant professor of medicine at Tulane University that speeds up production of heat-shock proteins, which help the body fight stress and inflammation. Follow my steps (I have thoroughly tried each and every one of them and they all work PERFECTLY)

PRE hangover Formula:

  • Eat Right + Vitamin Boost + Rest.
  • Order a Burger Instead of a Salad.
  • All high-fiber and high protein foods break down alcohol and absorb it, keeping it from reaching the bloodstream as quickly. I usually choose foods like a burger, salmon, avocado, beef fillet, quinoa, or spaghetti combined with a protein.
  • Vitamin Boost.

o   If I am organized I arrange a meeting with my savior nurse! And who is that? A lovely lady who comes over and does IV Drips to replenish energy and hydration. It takes 20 min and prevents all bad symptoms of alcohol. Stay tuned, a post on IV drips & where to find them is on the way!

o   If my night out is a last minute call I just drink a capsule of vitamin C & B complex on an empty stomach.

Rest up

This might sound pretty obvious but most people don’t get nearly enough sleep. While sleep won’t save you from a hangover, it will improve your immunity and get your body ready to handle a night of heavy drinking — which is better than not being ready, she adds.

Pre-drinking tips to prevent a hangover are always welcome!


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