Sp-oil me!

Get your face oil game right

Ladies, this is the ultimate trend in the world of beauty! Their therapeutic value has been known for centuries but, if someone told us, a few years back, that we would be using oils to hydrate or cleanse our skin, we would definitely give them an eye roll. Thank god for cosmetology, though, and its ability to use the magic powers found in these elixirs, turning them into the hottest skincare trend, adored by the French who simply sware by them, Miranda Kerr who uses rose oil every night, and so many others like us, who have become oil fixated.

How do facial oils help your skin?

The theory that says oils make your skin oily, or that they are not recommended for oily skin, has simply been dismissed. Their new, high tech formulas allow them to get easily absorbed, offering a beautiful glow and extra hydration. Due to their composition, face oils carry their nutrients to a much deeper level, faster. So, leave it to these super powered babes to tone, cleanse and detoxify you in depth!

Do it right!

–       Face oils are best applied on their own or mixed with your day or night cream.

–       Use your bare hands to apply, but first, make sure they are super clean.

–       Rub two or three drops of oil between your index fingers and apply to your face, starting with your cheekbones.

–       You can use them anytime you like, just know that night time is much more efficient because that is when our cell rejuvenation is at its peak performance.

–       Sure, dry skin has so much to gain from oils. But any type of skin needs some extra oil pampering during these cold winter months, especially with all the air-conditioned environments we put ourselves into!


Dior, Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose

Darphin, Essential Oil Elixir Tangerine

Korres, Wild Rose Face Oil

Sisley, Black Rose Precious Face Oil

Tom Ford, Purifying Cleansing Oil