Perfect timing

What type of workout fits each time of day?

Post-move-my-body high. I am addicted to it. Finito. It’s a fact. Love me or leave me. There are days that I wake up and I know that I have to move my body and get those endorphins pumping in order to have the energy I want to rule through my day. Therefore my goal when working out, apart from maintaining a healthy body, is to fuel up with endorphins. Within my “listen to your body” mentality I have tried out most workouts you could imagine at all different times of the day. After years of rotating workouts and times, I have found what works for me and why.


Morning Exercise: GET THAT SWEAT OUT BABE!

I want: high endorphins, sky-high energy for my day, sweat.

I do: Running, jogging, power walking, spinning, biking, swimming, HIIT

I get:

  •  Cardio exercise helps to keep you sharpen up mentally, so cardio in the morning can improve your brainpower throughout the day.
  • Cardio based exercise leads to higher endorphin release i.e. you are happier for the entire day.
  • It’s the time where your body has the right amount of energy to get the real sweat out.
  • Intense exercise makes that “blurry mind” a crystal clear, super productive machine.
  • Breakfast for champs after such a workout is always allowed!

Mid-day Exercise (1 – 4 pm): A SWEET INJECTION

I want: That boost, that harmless injection u know, to keep me up and running for the rest of the day.

I do: Bare, HIIT, Interval Training, power walk, hiking, 20 min abs or glutes work out.

I get:

  • Extra energy to perfectly go through my day without feeling tired.
  • The chance to clear my mind off from the day’s thoughts, and prepare mentally for the rest of the day.
  • It’s a break from the day’s chaotic running arounds and meetings.
  • Get some ‘me time’ to connect to my body and recharge my spirit.

Late Afternoon/Night Exercise: A HEROIC CLOSURE

I want: something to calm down, yet still get my body working

I do: Yoga, chilled gym equipment training (strength), reformer pilates

I get:

  • The peaceful and calm mindset I need to end my day
  • The time to think of the day without interfering with the activity (as it is easy)
  • Get slightly more tired – making early sleep a MUST.
  • Stress Relief. I see it as a healthy way to release daily stress – a far better option than hitting a happy hour!

Hey – don’t try out all 3 in one day. Your body won’t respond to all workouts, you might get injured, and even develop a denial to work out, which is common when you push too hard. The above routine might work for most as I have tested it both scientifically and practically. Do you have a different work out regime? Any tips or swops you could see me making?


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