Stressed out? 

Help your skin get happy again

You reply all your emails while having dinner, set reminders to call your mom and spend a good deal of every night trying to make to-do lists that you can never quite complete. Getting away for the weekend is a great way to help your soul get back on track but what happens to your skin? In the USA there is a new dermatology specialty called «psycodermatology», with scientists focusing on how stress can lead to skin damage. Yes, it’s that big of a deal.

But what does stress really cause to the skin?

When we are tense, we tend to twitch out muscles. Same thing happens to our face. Our facial muscles tighten up and fine lines on the skin get deeper, as expressions carve their intense repetition on our features. Cortisol, our stress hormone, causes inflammation that damages collagen, the protein that helps keep our skin stable and healthy. In the long run, this leads to black circles around the eyes, fine lines, thin, oily and dull skin.

Calm down

Support your skin by choosing anti-stress or anti-age formulas that ignite collagen production. Creams that are rich in hydrants, such as aloe, hyaluronic acid, carite butter and avocado oil bring a refreshing glow to the skin, enhancing its ability to function as a natural shield against bacteria and toxins. But creams won’t do the work if you don’t help them. Always focus on maintaining the balance in your life, take that relaxing bath and start reading that book you always mean to. Your skin will be as grateful as your soul…

Stress-free zone tips

  •       No smoking or drinking coffee before bedtime. Nicotine and caffeine stimulate our nervous system (yes, you knew this one but you needed a reminder, didn’t you?)
  •       Workout regularly. It’s stress reducing, it brings in those ass-kicking endorphins, and it helps you throw away toxins. Even a 20-minute walk will bring in the goods!
  •       Follow a stress-reducing technique like breathing exercises, yoga, happy thoughts. Just five minutes a day will allow your skin to get the oxygen it needs.
  •       Sleep plays a major part in cortisol levels. Lack of shut-eye shows up on your face instantly! Give your skin the chance to recover from the day for at least 8 hours…
  •       Your face is a reflexion of your lifestyle. If you are going through a tough slot, make sure to eat well and exercise.
  •       Don’t look for comfort in a glass of wine. It will take away the water in your body, drying up your skin. Switch to a green veggie smoothie.
  •       Before applying your cream or essential oils, rub the product between your palms, bring them close to your nose and breathe in all the goodness before applying on your skin. Maximum effects in no time!


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