Turmeric Easter eggs


1 liter water

2 Small turmeric roots

3 tbsp. Turmeric

15 white eggs

White vinegar


Pour the water into a pot, Add the peeled turmeric roots, the 3 tbsp. of turmeric and bring to a boil let cool.

Strain the liquid and transfer again to pot, add the vinegar stir well add the eggs and boil on medium low for 30 minutes. Let stand for 3 hours.

Remove eggs one by one and wipe with a soft cloth.

Why is it Awesome?

Cuteness overload. It’s so cool and so cute and so Eastery and so chic.. what else do you need?

Satisfied hunger, healthier muscles, feel full for longer. Egg whites are 100% pure protein!

Healthy mind healthy life! Omega 3 found in the egg yolk is a great source of omega 3 fat, which works like the brain’s fuel

Perfect for:

* Easter table

* Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack for the days after. Super easy and convenient food to combine with everything!