Frequent Flyer?

Check out these in-flight skin savers

Sit down and buckle up: whether you are traveling business or economy, the trip is 2 or 8 hours, facts are facts: up in the sky at 30.000 feet, your skin gets seriously challenged. Read on and you will have the fresh and toned complexion you wonder how all the air hostesses have!


Inside the airplane cabin, humidity levels reach only 20%, a very low if you compare it to the 70% your skin is used to. You see, high altitudes, plus an extra dose of carbon dioxide, create a dry environment. So, make sure you have enough water in your system. About 1 liter for every 4 hours up in the air is ideal. Have with you a nice moisturizing cream, just a bit richer from what you are used to, and you’ll be fine.


Quench your thirst from the inside and outside, as well. Take a nice, invigorating spray with you, and whenever you feel you need a quick water fix, just push the button!

Lip care

The skin covering our lips doesn’t have pores, so it needs a little extra hand when it comes to the dry environment of an aircraft. Just have your regular lip balm in your bag and you’ll be fine.

Clean skin

Please stay off the makeup if you have a long flight ahead. If you cannot avoid wearing it, make sure you take it off after 4 hours in the cabin, apply some moisturizing cream and then put «your face» back on. Wait a little before applying makeup again, giving your skin some time to rest and breathe. Extra tip: makeup removing tissues are your best friend! 


Forgot to spray your favorite perfume before takeoff? Great! It’s best to avoid strong odors when you know you will be in a small secluded environment for quite some time. Go for the roll-on version of your favorite perfume and simply put some on the inside of your wrists. Perfect.

Extra protection

Has it ever occurred to you that at 30,000 feet you are so much closer to the sun? Especially if you have a window seat, sun rays are stronger up in the sky so make sure you carry some sunscreen!


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