Skin Pollution

Can blue light from electronic devices, air pollution and taking selfies make your skin grow old?

Ok, until now we knew that pollution is bad for our lungs and general health but now scientists claim it can seriously damage our skin! 224 chemicals found in a polluted environment can create inflammation to our body’s largest organ, especially our face!

Hello Exposure: Whatever floats around in the air can damage our skin, so it’s very important to guard it with specialized products that act like protectors. UV rays, pollution, blue light from laptops, mobile devices, even the harsh ingredients found in some products, are all guilty, according to scientists, for a new concept called exposome, that has to do with our exposure to everything that surrounds us from the day we are born.

Respect your barrier: Your skin already has a protective barrier consisting of bacteria, microorganisms, and super immune cells. Tropospheric ozone found on the ground level, sun-filled days and UV light are the evil rivals of these little soldiers. In the fight against them, new compositions include live bacteria, lipids, and ceramides. Apart from always wearing sunscreen, we should choose compositions rich in antioxidants, especially vitamins C and E.

Clean your skin….like you mean it

  • Whether you wear makeup or not, cleansing your skin is of utmost importance.
  • Choose a product that respects your skin’s PH levels.
  • Take your time…did you know that the little pollution particles found on the skin are 20 times smaller than the diameter of a skin pore? Exactly…so wash your face thoroughly twice a day, why not try one of those special appliances that get the job done far better, and make sure to check our list of suggested skincare!



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