Meet the best spinning coach there is

You spin me round!

He was my first spinning instructor in Greece! He was the one who showed me how hard spinning can be, and also how rewarding at the same time. After a few sweats, infinite climbs, and vigorous sprints, we came closer. That was when I found the explanation of all this sweat – he is just 24 years old, yet he is a champion both for Greece & the Balcanians, with infinite wins and great scores in global cycling meetings. As of now, he is a trainer, spinning instructor & continues his own contribution in the field of cycling. His name is Stelios Angelidis and he is the cutest beast I’ve ever met!

When was the first time you can recall being on a bike?

Ever since I can remember myself, my memories are of me roaming around on two wheels!

What was your feeling back then? Has it changed?

Every time, same now as then, when I am on my bike I have this incredible feeling of freedom! It’s one of the rare occasions my mind clears up. There is nothing in the world but me and my bike.

What does it feel like, breaking an all- Greece record? 

It’s one of the best feelings ever because it feels like a reward for all the hard work and endless hours of training…

 What did you miss out on?

I can’t really say because I loved what I was doing so much that I didn’t feel I was missing something…maybe just the summer holidays, since I always had training…

 What is being an athlete to you, and how can each of us become a little champion?

I can’t imagine myself not being an athlete, and I love becoming the inspiration for someone starting now! What you need to become a champ is a clear goal, a lot of work, persistence and not letting anything get you down!


Give us some tips:

  • How can we set goals that don’t just remain dreams?

You have to believe in yourself, really believe! And never ever set your sight off your target!

  •  How do I start spinning?

Choose shorts or leggings. Wear your typical sneakers, but after a while, if you get hooked, get yourself a nice pair of specialised shoes that will help all your muscles work as you should, on the bike!

  • Why is it good for me?

Because it is the safest way of cardio working out, since it doesn’t harm your back or joints.

  • What should I look out for?

First of all, your spinning bike has to be properly set so that your class gives you joy and not pain!