Charge up!

 Five simple nutrition tricks for a strong body and mind

Either because you work hard or just because you want to look your best every day, Mother Nature is here to support you! Sure you have numerous options if you are into over-the-counter vitamins, medication or treatments. There are also intensive nutrition and/or work-out plans you might follow once in a while, in order to achieve your best bikini body or to look great in, say, your wedding gown. But what counts the most is what you do every day. The most important things are your daily rituals, the ones you follow without investing in money or time, working with experts or overloading your body with man-made products.

Here are the ones I have grown to depend on:

  • Never leave the house without a packed snack of berries and nuts. They are not messy and do not need peeling or refrigerating. No matter how hungry you get, having them by your side will help you steer clear of non-nutritious choices during a long day.
  • Drink homemade prune juice for breakfast. Orange, apple or carrot is great, but prunes are superfoods, so they have this magic way of filling you up and cleansing your body at the same time.
  • Always go to bed having had two cups of chamomile with freshly ground ginger. It will calm you down, keep you hydrated during the night, plus, the ginger will boost your immune system.
  • Eat a spoonful of seeds (chia, flax or other) with honey and some dried goji berries, the minute you enter your house, leaving a tough day behind.
  • Have your last meal before 7pm and let your stomach rest until breakfast. When you don’ t have dinner plans, it’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy sleeping without a heavy stomach. The energy you will have the next morning is out of this world!


Have any secret tricks to share with me? Go ahead, make my day!