Get the habit

Five things you need to start doing ASAP!

You know, Spring is the best time to start teaching yourself new habits that will stick with you forever.  According to a study published by Phillippa Lally, a health psychology researcher at the University College of London, it takes about 66 days for a habit to become an automatic behavior, something you do without even thinking about it. This is exactly what our goal is, with these five great things you need to incorporate into your everyday routine. Trust me, they will lead to a better quality of life and a much happier, healthier you. Both mentally and physically.

  •     Wash your mouth, young lady! Actually, follow the way of the yogis: Either use a wooden spoon to scrape your tongue, cleansing it from all the white residue that has found its way to the surface, or, if you can stand it, put a hefty spoonful of olive or coconut oil in your mouth, and keep it there for twenty (I know, it’s not easy) minutes, swishing it from front to back and around your teeth. Both ways wash off the toxins that have filled your mouth during the night. Remember to wash off the oil by swishing in some salt water.
  •       Drink a glass of lemon water right after: The water needs to be at room temperature, and you should add no more than 15 drops of lemon juice. This routine that is recommended first thing when you wake up, will give you a mild detox from all the dirt that has clamped up in your body during your sleep.
  •       Meditate: I am not asking you to become an expert, just follow this simple everyday task: Wherever you are, on your couch, your desk at work, in bed, just close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, for five minutes. Whenever a thought creeps in your brain, gently drive it away and come back to the task at hand. Gradually, meditating will become so easy; you will be able to do it standing up, in the metro!
  •       Write it down: Oh yes, it’s high time you started writing that diary you had promised yourself when you were twelve. You don’t need to overdo it, just some simple words every day, something that you thought was funny, something you noticed on your way home, a nice thing someone said to you, a new feeling you experienced…just follow your habit religiously and enjoy the benefits of putting your feelings down instead of keeping them in.
  •       Drink plenty of water: It used to be you needed to drink around 1,5 liters of water every day, to help boost your health and metabolism. As it turns out, you need more, around 2-3 liters a day. Take it slowly by adding an extra glass each day, until you reach your goal. Stick to it and give your skin the hydration it needs and your body the fuel it deserves.