Grow up already!

These are the situations that really keep you from maturing…

You are on the verge. You still have every excuse you need not to go out there and live like a grown up. But, how long will you linger in the zone, before you wake up one morning and realize you have kept yourself from growing up? Yes, please note down I have written «yourself». This is the first and most important step:

Blame it on whoever: When you blame anyone but yourself, you are choosing to be a baby whose life is determined by other people’s actions. So start being responsible for yourself and stop blaming the system, your mom, the crisis, whatever.

Get a job: I know you were an A student, I know you have a master’s degree but if you treat yourself like a precious little jewel that cannot gather dust, you will never get the chance to show your real worth. So get that internship and start working, there is no other way. And no better one, either.

Save up: You make enough money for new clothes, cocktails, and a splurge, here and there. But there is not enough to go around, for you to start saving up for bigger things, like, say, an apartment of your own. Right? Wrong. At the beginning of each month, set aside a small amount of money. When your salary gets bigger, your piggy bank deposit will accordingly get bigger, too.

Leave the house: You work like a maniac and you barely stay in, so why move out of your childhood home? Plus, your mom needs the company. No girl, you need to be a woman, and no matter how hard this is to your mother, this is what she wants for you. You don’t have to move out now but make a definite plan and work towards it, starting yesterday.