Apple and passion fruit smoothie 


2 red apples

1 banana (cut into slices and frozen)

2 passion fruits

2 oranges (freshly squeezed)

Rosemary for decoration


Wash all the fruits well, cut apples into quarters, cut bananas then freeze, cut passion fruits in half then empty pulp with a teaspoon, squeeze oranges.

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth, decorate with a stalk of rosemary. Serve immediately.

Why is it Awesome?
* An apple a day keeps the doctor away!! Apple is the goddess of fruits combining most nutrients in the perfect amount
* Aids in digestion
* Rich in fiber – slows down the pick of blood sugar (no cravings guys!)
* Rich in antioxidants
Perfect For
* Breakfast (I suggest to add a scoop of Your Superfoods protein)
* Afternoon Snack