Love me do

How to really show your love to the special people in your life

Aren’t there times where you feel your heart will burst off of the love you have? Or your gut will release all the colors of the word if a beloved one is happy? As much as you are doing it for them, you are doing it for yourself too! When you make someone happy you get equal, and even more happiness.

Rule No 1: Who is the receiver?

While you think about what to do, first think of what your beloved one wants. What has he/she been focusing on? What would they kill for? What is missing from their daily lives? Make these kinds of questions, and have THEM and not YOU as the receiver.

Rule No 2: Get out of your comfort zone

It’s all about their happiness. Their smile, their excitement. Most of the times, what others want is something totally out of my world. At first, I might think through my “safe” paths, but no! Get into the bigger picture, and visualize them in their happy place. What is it? If it’s not your happy place too, It doesn’t matter, you can do it. And believe me, you’ll enjoy it more than you think.

If it’s for your bestie

Think of the things you were doing when you were teens and were laughing off tears. And you haven’t done since then. Is it a karaoke? Is it a pizza night while drinking Nesquick, and teasing your youngest siblings? Or is it a serious negotiation based 0-10 rating of your classes’ boys. Whatever it is, remember that children are pure. No social musts or look vs feel battles exist.

If it’s for your bae

Something he told you about his hobbies on your first date but have never seen him do. Or that story he mentioned on your dinner without being able to stop laughing? What was he doing then? Where was he? Usually, boys are pro activities and not gifts.

If it’s for your sibling

Same with friends. What had you been doing when you were young and loooved? What was your secret activity without telling mom and dad? Where would you hide when you did that booboo? Brainstorm, get the feel and develop it!

If it’s for parents

What have they been doing and are not doing anymore? Are they going out at all, or are they lost in their routine?  What does mom love doing but dad is uber bored to do? What did your dad use to do on a Sunday afternoon, when he had his free time?

If it’s for you… Self-love, you time. Repeat after me: what do I want to do NOW? (not yesterday, not tomorrow, not in the summer). N O W.


Big Kiss,