My night routine

5 things to do before hitting the sack

You know how important night time is for your body and soul…all our cells get rejuvenated, our brain switches off and just wanders around our subconscious, our system takes a much-needed break from the goings on of the day. Is there a way to help yourself get the most out of the situation? Sure, just follow these five rituals, every night, and get a healthier, better looking and feeling YOU in the morning:

Clean up!

Wash your face thoroughly and use a nice night cream that will enhance your skin’s rejuvenation phase, during sleep. The most important step to this process is to take off any makeup that might be left on the skin so that you can allow it to breathe.

Switch off

I know, I do it too: I set my alarm and before I tuck myself in, I spend some time browsing through my social media profiles, all the while having the TV play in the background. No more, I have decided, and you should, too. Refraining from any tech stimulation for about an hour before you go to bed, allows your brain some time to relax from stimulation it feels it needs to process. A relaxed mind makes for a relaxed sleep.


There is nothing better for your mind and your spirit than a good read before traveling to dreamland. Visiting your imagination is like taking a stroll around your subconscious, feeding it with nice words and visuals.

Drink a glass of water 

You will be sleeping for around eight hours and your body will be needing water to do its magic. One more glass before you sleep is always an extra dose of cleansing power.


Check your breathing: Is your nose free to let air come in and out? Is your breathing fast-paced? Slow it down, concentrate and reach that perfect breathing state you get to when you meditate.


Good night, sleep tight!