“The Eye” exists 

Evil or Not…  

If you are Greek, Turkish or have been raised in a country where one of the religion’s principles falls under the idea of energy interaction and the evil eye then you’ll get me within a sec.

What is the Evil Eye?

People’s belief in the evil eye is almost as old as human history and still continues widely today. This belief is very popular in the Mediterranean countries and in Southern European immigrants’ communities in the US.

According to the belief, the evil eye or, as we Greeks call it, “matiasma” that brings bad luck can result from many different causes; jealousy, envy, coveting, transferring the negative energy to a material with the eye. The main reason is supposed to be the excessive compliment and begrudge. In other words, anyone can affect and be exposed to the evil eye, as long as excessive thought is been put on to the person (either positive or negative).

My experience

So I used to believe in it but I had some doubts. Till I had an incident a few days ago where – oh god I had a hell of an “eye” on me!! So I was in the studio recording a video with the videographer and my beloved editor. While we were doing the video I started feeling a bit nauseous, then I had a terrible headache, I started yawing and within 10 minutes I was unable to stand. I left the video, went back home feeling as sick as never before. My mum called me and she immediately said it was “the evil eye”. I laughed at her saying that this is stupidity and that I’m actually sick. She took no words from me and made a friend of hers take the evil eye away – this is a process of continuous praying which could involve some rituals like mixing oil and water. As I was lying on the couch I started feeling I could breathe again. Then I realized I had no headache, and the nausea had gone. I stood up and felt great – as if nothing had happened!! Crazy no??? I went to hell and back to life just because of energy overload!

Symptoms of the “eye”

So guys next time you feel:

  • Severe headache,
  • Weakness,
  • A sudden feeling of discomfort,
  • Stress and tension,
  • Intense desire to sleep.

Or experience:

  • Suddenly emerged unwanted accidents,
  • Unreasonable negativity in job or home life,

Then make sure you contact someone who knows how to remove that “eye” from you. Trust me it will work! Plus, to be safe you can wear on your wrist a simple ribbon with the classic blue eye pearl so that you are protected from this energy overload.

Ftou ftou ftou