Gym bag heroes

5 work out beauty essentials 

You got your high tech shoes on, water bottle filled, towel fresh, earphones untangled. What about your skin? Do you think you only have to deal with it after you leave the gym? Not really! Start before, work your way through and finish off right after, whatever your workout routine, to help your skin deal with everything that goes on in your body when you exercise.

Face Cleanser Sure you wouldn’t leave the gym with sweat dripping from your face…but do you usually really do anything more than just splash water on it? Your face is at its oiliest right now so you need to help it remove bacteria, toxins and excess oil, by using a gentle cleansing agent like Micellaire. This French favorite will become your new addiction and, guess what? You don’t even have to rinse it off!

BB Cream That fresh and clean face would hate it if you packed it up with heavy makeup…but you need to run straight to work, so make some room in your gym bag for a light bb cream. It will nourish and hydrate your skin while doing micro-corrections on your little imperfections. There, perfect!

SPF Sun is up, weather is sweet…why lock yourself up in a gym when you can enjoy the great outdoors? Work out by creating a safety net for your skin with the proper sunscreen. Even if you work out indoors, don’t forget to apply some on your skin before facing the day-and the sun again.

No Sweat You know that cute guy who has been staring at you for a while, at the weights area of the gym? Well, sooner or later he is going to come close to you, really close. He might find any excuse just to say hello so don’t spoil everything. Use a good roll on antiperspirant and stay fresh, even as you break your personal squat record.

Mascara You want to look good but you know you are not supposed to wear makeup while you work out. It’s ok! Just apply some mascara and your face will not be burdened with clogged pores and melting eyeshadows. Even better, use a waterproof type that will save you from awkward panda-eye contacts with forthmentioned guy…


Eau Micellaire Ultra

Anthelios Mist SPF 50+

Hydreane BB Creme

Deodorant Physiologique 24h

Respectissime Ultra-Doux Mascara

All by La Roche-Posay