Body of evidence

Body care is the new face care

Did you know that the new trend in beauty is to treat your body as you would your face? Makes sense, you say. Our skin is the body’s largest organ, covering about 2 square meters. So, why is it that when we talk about skincare we mean our face and not our body? Why do we only remember it when the holidays are close? Since we wear hydrating cream on our face every day, why don’t we treat our body the same way? Thank God for beauty experts and their re-evaluation of beauty. “Body care will become as important as skin care,” says specialist Dr. Anita Sturnham. Hydrating creams with SPF are only the beginning. Start looking forward to advanced cleansers, body serums and exfoliators with fruit extracts. Until then, let’s see what we can do to give it the extra pampering it deserves.


Our skin is renewed every 28 days. This means that dead cells are being rejected so that new ones come to the surface. As we grow older, this process slows down and our skin may appear dull. Scrubbing your body on a weekly basis can bring out the shine and offer your skin the opportunity to best absorb the hydrating factors in your body cream. Body scrubs usually have AHA or fruit enzymes, sea salt or sugar, broken olive pits or almond oil.   

Body lotion or body oil

Shea butter, vitamins E and D that offer replenishment and softness are usually found in lotions. Body oils, on the other hand, go through the skin’s exterior easier, creating a shield that locks in the water in the skin. They are perfect for very dry complexions and their antioxidant factors help with anti-aging. For maximum results, apply your lotion or oil right after showering, on a slightly damp skin. If you cannot choose between lotion and oil, just mix 2-3 drops of oil with your lotion and apply with circular movements.

Body Mask

Just like a face mask, this is a thick cream that usually contains natural metals, fruit, and vegetables that detoxify and firm the skin, drawing out impurities and any excess oil. Apply generously and leave on your skin for 20-30 minutes, until it dries out.

Dry Brushing

This is an ancient technique that uses brushes with natural elements to brush the body without water or any product. Brushing removes dead skin, it enhances circulation and removes toxins and fights off cellulite. Start with your legs and move your way up, brushing softly with circular motions, towards the heart. The best time to dry brush is right before taking a shower or bath. You can repeat the procedure twice or three times a week with a soft but firm brush. Be careful, your skin shouldn’t become red after brushing. If it is sensitive, narrow it down to only once a week. Alway, however, avoid the areas where you have bruising, cuts or burns.


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