The replacements

What to swap in your diet for shedding weight without missing out!

I’ll admit it. I think it’s difficult to eat healthy all of the time. I do pretty well most of the time, and the reason is that first and foremost, I always listen to my body and eat what I crave, and secondly, I’ve practiced tinny tricks that satisfy my belly in a healthier way!

Let’s get to the point. This is a list of what to switch. Print and plaster on your fridge!

  • BLACK RICE or QUINOA instead of white rice: Quinoa has 150% more fiber and 100% more protein than white rice.
  • MUSTARD to mayo: Mayo contains sugar and saturated fat. Mustard has neither.
  • GREEK YOGURT to sour cream: Greek yogurt has 2x fewer calories and 3x more protein.
  • ALMONDS to croutons: Almonds have 3x the fiber, 2x the protein and 1/3 of the carbs.
  • POPCORN to chips: Air-popped popcorn has 9x less saturated fat and 1/3 fewer calories per serving.
  • STEVIA to sugar: Stevia is natural and has zero calories, carbs, and sugar.
  • CACAO NIBS to chocolate chips: Cacao nibs have no sugar and over 5x the fiber.
  • HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL SALT to normal salt: Himalayan crystal salt contains minerals and trace elements in their natural form.


Very cool huh??

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