Face à face

I tried the French traditional facial (and I loved it)

Trying out the spa therapies at a hotel during holidays is my bestest! This Feb when I visited Paris I was lucky enough to stay at The Crillon, A Rosewood Collection Hotel. Guys, it’s a must! Anyways, the post is on the facial and not the hotel. So I visited the “Senses Spa” and had a traditional facial by Fernando, a lovely Portuguese beauty expert.

Products: EviDens De Beaute

The philosophy behind this creation is close to the one of Haute Couture: technical and artistic perfection. Products evolve due to their creator’s eternal search for beauty and perfection.
Based on the Japanese expertise, and influenced by the French roots of the owner, the brand suggests stylishness and seduction. The products represent the ideal fusion of Asia and West, a willingly minimalist concept, opposed to ephemeral trends.
They focus on the essence: precious secret ingredients, voluptuous textures, sensual fragrances, beautiful packaging.


Step 1: Make up removal

Step 2: Exfoliating cream

  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Normalize my skin’s PH

Step 3: Collagen mask

  • Stimulate natural collagen (no need – HA – but a natural push Is aaalways welcome)

Step 4: Detoxifying mask (unreal!!)

  • Detox the skin from polluted air, smoke, toxins coming from food & alcohol

Step 5: Facial massage

  • We usually ignore the presence of our facial muscles. By pressing trigger points found all around the face, those muscles get activated
  • Contributes to overall skin and facial health


  • Lavender scented towels to clean off each cream/mask. (Heaven… I’m in heaven!)
  • Foot massage while the masks did their magic. Sooo relaxing – especially after a whole day off Parisian promenades!

Expert’s Tip For Great Skin!

Daily morning & evening routine should include:

  • Cleaning your skin with a toner
  • Applying some toner to balance the PH of your skin
  • Applying some serum & hydration cream for that extra glow

Yes, that’s me in the pic hahaha! If you should keep something from this post is the detoxifying mask – it is unreal!! In fact, I bought it for extra detoxifying beauté at home…

Big Kiss