From couch to… 10km runs. GUARANTEED 

Follow the top running trainer’s plan today!

Many of you have asked me tips on how to put running to your life. 3 years ago running was a completely unknown word for me and look at me now! The reason is that I added running to my life in a gradual and respectful (for my body) manner. I am lucky enough to have as my trainer, the one and only Michalis Anagnostou. Anagnostou is an active runner who considers the authentic Marathon a piece of cake. He has been an athlete his entire life with global distinctions. Not to mention that he has run the Spartathlon (246km Ultrathlon) more than once! For the time being, he is the official coach of the Greek National Track Team. If he is not the best when it comes to running and coaching then who is?

Let’s take a look at the program I asked him to share with you!

Duration: 6 months (if you are literally starting from your couch!)

Stages: 3

Stage 1 (3 months)

–       3 runs & 1 strength training per week

o   Runs:

  • 2x 30 secs walking, 30 secs running for 20 min 

–       Note: Within the 3 months the 30 secs of running will increase to 40, 50secs, 1 min and up to 2 min running. The 30 secs of walking break remain the same.

o   1 X Power walk of 30-40 minutes (make sure you do inclines too!)

–       Note: Within the 3 months the power walk’s duration will increase to 1hour

o   Strength Training:

  • 10 sets of 15-20 repetitions.
  • Exercises involve the strengthening and activation of muscles (calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes)
  • Core & Hip stability exercises are essential.

Stage 2 (2months)

–       4 runs & 1 strength training

–       Runs:

o   2 X aerobic running with 150 BPM (heart rate) for 20-30 min

  • Running to marathon pace – up to 160 BPM.

o   10-15 min warm up

o   5 X 5 min runs (100m walking as a break)

o   1 X long run, with slow pace (up to 140BPM) for 50 min

–       Strength Training:

same as in period one

Stage 3 (1 month)

Note: no strength training is suggested at this stage

–       4 runs 

o   1 X long run for 1 hr

o   2 X 150BPM for 40 min

o   1 X aerobic run: 20 min warm up, 25-30min of 165 BPM

Will you try it out? Come on girl you got it. That super hot body you see in the ads were the woman is sweating after a run? It will be yours.


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