Safe Sunning

Protect the skin you’re in!

Did you know that only 1% of skin aging has to do with biology and age? Sunburns, wrinkles, freckles, age-spots and early aging are only some of the damages caused by the sun. Only a few days under strong summer rays are enough! Thank God for new-age sunscreens and smart formulas that play the role of a lifeguard to our beauty, a value-for-money investment that will certainly pay off!

The right SPF:

If you go out in the sun, you can be protected for up to 30 minutes. After that, you need a good Sun Protection Factor, that shows the grade of protection against UVB rays. If you multiply your SPF with your heat tolerance, you have the perfect amount of time you can stay in the sun. For example, if your skin turns red as soon as 10’ under the sun and your sunscreen has an SPF of 30, then you are bound to get sunburnt even while using it, after 10 Χ 30=300 minutes.


Sweat, frequent splashing in the water and drying off with your towel after every little dive, weaken your sunscreen’s powers. So, you need to reapply every 2 hours, remembering that this simple move is an investment to your beauty and health.

The ideal sunscreen needs to:

  • Have wide protection span fromUVA, UVB, and IR- rays.
  • Be tolerant to water and sweat.
  • Have an SPF of30 and above.
  • Be full of antioxidants and vitamins that protect the skin from UV/IR rays.

Use sunscreen properly:

  • Apply 20 minutes before setting foot in the sun.
  • The perfect amount is a teaspoon for the face and a ping-pong ball for the body.
  • Never forget your earlobes, neck, back of hands, toes.
  • Re-apply every two hours, even if your formula is super tolerant to water and has a high SPF.

Dont forget your lips:

NEVER! If your lipstick doesn’t have SPF, apply a special lip sunscreen formula and then apply your makeup and lipstick.


  • Always wear your sunglasses and a hat.
  • Yes, the sun gets you even if you are not lying on a beach but you are roaming around town.


Vichy, Ideal Soleil SPF50 Lait Ultra Light and Fresh (for face)

Shiseido, UV Lip Color Splash SPF 30

Apivita, Suncare Face & Body Sun Protection Milk SPF 50 with Sea Lavender & Propolis

Korres, Sunscreen Face Cream Matte Red Grape SPF 50

Nuxe, Milky Spray Medium Protection SPF 20 Face & Body