The heat is on _but not in my hair!

This is how Ι keep my hair healthy all summer long 

 Water Please…(but mineral)

Sea salt can harden up the hair and cause it to break. So make sure to always carry with you, at the beach, a big bottle of mineral water to wash your hair off after every dive. It does a much better job than ordinary tap water, since it doesn’t have heavy metals, and it can also be used before you get to the beach or pool, in order to settle in the hair’s follicles and protect it.

Use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush

A great rule of thumb is to never comb your hair when it is wet and the fibers are softer, therefore easier to break. In case you really need to, just comb it with a wide comb instead of a brush.

Hot oil rinse

Oh yes, this is the extra pampering your hair needs during the summer: coconut, avocado or olive oil can penetrate your hair and bring back its humidity, reducing dryness. So, after you have followed your regular routine, just apply the oil of your choice and gently massage your hair from the ends to the roots. Don’t worry about oiliness, simply enjoy the extra moisture!

-Hair SPF

Hair is in need of sunscreen as much as your skin. So please make the extra effort and get that special hair oil to apply to your hair whenever you are exposed to the sun. In case you have forgotten to carry it with you, simply use the sunscreen left on your hands after you have applied some on your skin, and gently stroke your hair with it.

Use conditioner

Right before your sunscreen, don’t forget to apply some conditioner, especially near the ends of your hair. The feeling you will get when you get out of the water is incredible. Leave-in conditioners are an ever smarter option!

-Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

I’m about to deliver a major myth-buster: washing your hair every day does not help. It is much better to let the scalp as it is, with its natural oils, so now that the weather is hot, let your hair re-discover its balance and only wash it three times a week.

-Heat Rehab 

Let it dry naturally and steer away from blow-dryers and other heating devices. And, one more thing, in the shower make sure you wash it with lukewarm water instead of hot.

-Braid your hair!

The best way to avoid long hair from being tangled from the wind blowing at the beach is to apply conditioner and braid it. Perfect, easy, practical and cute!