On the beach

Best “treatments” I get from a day on the beach

I get a great workout

  • Just by walking barefoot on the sand, its tiny particles help, like nature’s reflexology, energize around 3.000-7.000 nerves, helping your body fight off headaches, muscle pain etc.
  • Take a walk on dry sand and exercise your calves and buttocks!
  • The sand is also a great exfoliator that leaves the skin on our feet feeling smooth, while it helps blood circulate faster and better.
  • Did you know that by walking on the beach you burn almost double the calories you do when walking on the pavement? Working out while enjoying the view? Paradise!

Deep exfoliation

  • Don’t you just love it when you bury your toes in the sand, or when you cover your whole body? Keep on doing it! Total body exfoliation done!
  • Next time you hit the beach, use some sand and mix it with your suntan oil. Girl, you have just made an excellent, DIY scrub. Use it with circular motions and dedicate more time around your elbows and knees.

Better skin

  • Rich in salts, amino acids, vitamins and traces, sea water has very much in common with the water found in our body, as well as our blood plasma.
  • Calcium found in sea salt can help clogged up pores, the best thing if you are fighting acne.
  • Our skin has the capacity to absorb all the nutrition found in seawater. Great, isn’t it?
  • Saltwater can absorb toxins from the skin, making it healthier and softer. Science supports this and underlines that frequent dives improve skin tone impressively.
  • Cuts and bruises heal much faster, while magnesium found in the salt helps our skin fight off water retention! 

The healing power 

  • Sea breeze is packed with negatively charged hydrogen ions that allow us to take in much more oxygen while creating an anti-oxidant shield.
  • Breathe them in and help your immune system while feeding your cells.
  • The breeze balances serotonin levels as well, so don’t think that you feel more relaxed while on holiday just because you are away from the office! 

Boost your vitamin D

Last but not least, the sun vitamin, as we call vitamin D is the perfect remedy for your bones. Fifteen minutes a day under the warm sun are enough to help with feelings of depression and stimulate vitamin d production.


Extra info:

Did you know? If your hair is oily, sea water can do miracles in balancing it out!