This is how I sweat-proof my hair

My favorite tips to love your hair in the heat

Sometimes, all you can do to get rid of the sweat ruining your hair is to simply take a shower. Even though the wet look has never ever gone out of style, there is a difference between being wet and wild, and sweaty…sticky, frizzy hair is my worst enemy. So, to fight it off, I just put my hair up in clever hairdos and I pamper it with special products.


Sweat-free hairstyles

Signon, ponytail, or braids? For a fresh and free summer, try on whatever makes you look and feel nice, just as long as you leave your neck free to breathe. Experiment with bands, strands, and rubber bands until you reach perfection.

Cooling oils for hair

Did you even know such a thing existed? Try using essential cooling oils that you need to apply only on the roots of your hair: lemon, coconut, tea tree oil, are some of the best summer partners for a light and breezy head!


Avoid hair dryers

Forget all about blowdryers, straightening irons and such, and enjoy the benefits of natural heat and sun! If, however, they are unavoidable, try using them only at night!

Apply the right products

In the heat, any kind of product lies heavy on the skin and makes your hair look funny, to say the least. Choosing the right summer products can make your hair day, every summer day.

Wash your hair regularly

During the hot summer months, you should wash your hair more regularly, around three times per week. Use soft products and focus on your scalp, cleaning it thoroughly without scrubbing. Complete with a cream conditioner or even better, one of those leave-in products that will give you shine, taking away the frizz.



Nuxe, Moisturising Protective Milky Oil for Hair

Kerastase, Aura Botanica Lait de Soie Shaping Smoothing Milk

Aveda, Pure Abundance  Volumizing Hair Spray

L’Oreal Professionnel, Source Essentielle Calendula Flowers & Chamomile Flowers Delicate Shampoo

L’Oreal Professionnel, Source Essentielle Lavander & Jasmine Flowers Infusion Nourishing Oil