Boyish lashes

Achieve a raw, natural lash look. Got it!

Don’t get me wrong, I love mascara. On a nude, healthy glowing skin, it gives a sharpness to the eyes, a sort of depth and attitude to your gaze. But I hate Disney-princess style eyelashes! How can I achieve a natural look, with a slightly improved color and volume? Thank god for new beauty trends, as this new one is absolutely me-and you, I am sure. So, get ready to redefine makeup, by simply enhancing your natural beauty!

Boy lashes require just a simple application of mascara, just enough to create natural, healthy volume and length, without going over-the-top. Summer is the perfect time to try it on, so go ahead!


-Use a water-resistant and not waterproof mascara during the heatwave. It remains stable and loyal, without being difficult to part from.

-In order to create the perfect natural, or as they are called boyish lashes, first make sure you have created a healthy look around the eye area. After your moisturizer, cover your dark circles with some light concealer and finish off with a couple of layers of mascara.

-For an even more natural look, use the special curlers and then finish off with some colorless mascara.

-Combine your naked lashes with a bold lipstick and your eyes will look brighter and bigger.

-And, a very useful tip, don’t put your mascara brush in and out of the tube repeatedly, as this will add air to the inside and dry out your product.




 Μ.Α.C, Extended Play Gigablack Lash

Lancome, Monsieur Big

Chanel, Dimensions de Chanel Mascara

Giorgio Armani, Eccentrico

Maybelline New York, The Colossal Big Shot