Just do it!

Find the motivation you need

Why do you need to do certain things? And why, even though you know what you should do to reach your goals, you just don’t move your butt; go out there and simply make it happen? Well, we could trace behavioral patterns back to your childhood but our job here, today, is to give you that strong but gentle push forward. So, make a list and start by doing what you need to do in order to do what you are meant to!

  • Be honest with yourself. Why do you want to, for example, lose weight? Is it for your boyfriend or yourself? If your goals aren’t clear and authentic, you won’t go anywhere. You will probably lose the weight only to gain it back later.
  • You are the master of your soul. If you know you can make it, no one can convince you otherwise. So stop allowing negative voices get in your head and be that weirdo who finally did it, against all odds.
  • Set a goal. Only when you have a clear goal you can move towards it. Don’t tell yourself “I want to run” but instead, “I want to run 10 km by August”. Now, this is the start of a realistic plan and not just vague talk.
  • Be a realist. You might be able to run 10 km by August but you don’t have time to lose 10 kilos, for example. Setting high goals is the number one rule for disaster. Start low and gradually add up.
  • Make your goal public.Tell someone, post it on social media, and you will feel obligated to reach it.
  • Reward yourself. Each time you reach a milestone, reward yourself with a small gift, a massage, anything you love indulging in. Saying to yourself “Well done, girl” out loud is also very inspiring, just as long as you are alone.
  • Find help. It’s easier to lift weights or finish off 50 pushups when there is someone there to encourage you. So, find your gang, a group of people with the same goal, and move forward together.

Image: www.pixabay.com